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GYBurst of Inspiration/Motivation

Where does inspiration come from? - Snacks
I recorded a song with Samuel Hawkins recently and that was the first line of his verse. Lately thats been on my mind more and more. Where does my inspiration come from and why cant I always bask in its motivational energies? Seems that my drive comes and goes with the moon phases or as planets enter and leave our orbit. Could be the skys dictating my moods and movements (which i think it does have an effect) or it could be the mass amount of coffee and tea i drink a day. Definitely important factors but not quite the source. My mom definitely motivates me, she believes in everything Im doing and helps every way that she can. Its not financially but sometimes emotional support is more important. Shouts out to Momma B you the realist. Same for my homies and not homies as in people i force myself to be around, cuz having friends is what you do. Actual family that i grew up with and have developed a relationship with, the GYB family. The ones who sat me down years ago and was like dude...... you need to take this rap shit seriously. The ones who are now getting more and more involved with the movement every day, pushing everything to the side and riding along with my dream and making them their own. Everyday the homies are pushing to help me create this vision for you guys as they've adopted it as their own. Like minds on the prize, Shouts out the Layer homies. That only seems to be half of it tho, and Ive never felt this type of fire burning inside me before so what is it? Magazine drama and BS doesn't motivate me, Music doesn't seem to hit me the same way anymore. I used to listen to music constantly, new rap definitely doesn't do it for me.....makes me feel lower. New tv shows dont do it for me im bored with most of the popular shows out. Same for games or just typical activities that people partake in. Partys, drugs, random hook ups...It all seems so blah to me and im completely uninterested. I learned I have to stop feeding my lower self and focus on my higher self and what that part of my being truly wants and thats to CREATE!!! Whenever im around an environment that drives me to create and push myself i perform better. So i guess i just realized what really inspires me, and thats a creative environment. Who is responsible for this? Well I saw the Rotunda Project last weekend at Maiden Alley, a collaborative piece by Fairseas. The Fairseas are a group of musicians named Jeran Simmons, Bobby Dowell, Codie Franklin and Shanden Simmons. I watched them plant this seed years ago and now its a giant tree that you can sit back and marvel in its greatness. The main theme of the film was collaborating with your community. I cant lie ive had many many thoughts of leaving my community to collaborate elsewhere but ive came to a realization recently that it isnt necessary. To my surprise and probably a lot of people around here, there is a bubbling hip hop scene around here that is about to explode. Ive started to invest my time and efforts into this scene now and received nothing but results. Shanden has been a major influence in my artistry because he is always honest, encouraging and persistent....three very important characteristics to have in a creative environment and on top of that has become one of what i would consider my best friends. I look at him as one of my GYBrothers. On to the hip hop scene around here tho..... mysterious person named "A" aka the Hollow Man and he is one of the most promising producers/writers around. His solo stuff is outstanding and the collaboration effort we are working on "A & B: The Empire" is next level. Its been well over a year in the making and will shock most people when they hear the new styles i bring to the tape compared to my previous work. A always challenges me to be very intelligent when I piece together my verses and I like that. He makes me want to grab a dictionary and start reading so I can match his extensive vocabulary.....and maybe I have done that lol. Im the ONLY artist that the mystery man works with at the moment and that hits me now in a way it never has before. Like why me, do I really have something in my music that would make this beyond talented artist spend his time and efforts to make beats for us to collab on and want to include me in everything he does? His beats are above any producer Ive ever heard even in the big leagues of the rap game its crazy but he will prolly have his own GYBlog entry about him eventually. I have to move on before i make this to long lol. Next is JSkrilla, I have met the Skrilla a few times in passing but i dont think we realized what each other really could offer the other. Until i ran into him at the damn ROTUNDA PROJECT.....back around full circle. After that we decided to get together. We showed each other some of our music. I didnt know he made dope beats as well as spit hot fucking fire but he does. We shared our philosophies for our craft and talked hip hop and all sorts of other randomness. Then we picked a beat and wrote a song on the spot. Bar for bar back and forth. J stressed to me it had been a LONG time since he had been able to just sit down and write with another emcee that wasnt intimidated by his ability to write on the spot, or to match his caliber of wordplay and rhyme schemes. To both mine and his delight I delivered. Skrilla really challenged me tho, most artist get so caught up in the main stream BS or conforming to certain concepts and topics in their verses that it had been a while since I had felt pressure when writing to make sure my bars are up to par. Felt good to feel that energy again i had been missing the want to become better and that leads me to the main cause of my motivation and my improvments or just overall attitude change whatever you want to call it. the TRYBE!!!! Snacks, B. James, and Waun D. are the Cerberus of this rap shit. I have a lot to owe to them. GYB and Trybe share the same values as far as what we hope to contribute to the culture of arts and musics and how we hope to impact the hip hop community as well as the communities we all live in. I have done one show with them and have multiple other ones lined up with them. As a matter a fact i cant see myself doing a show with anyone but them from here on out. Once again them as well as JSkrilla could have their own full length blog entry but i digress for the sake of your attention lol. The Trybe challenges me to be a better emcee by making me freestyle. Which if you have been around me doing music ive never been a good freestyler.....UNTIL NOW!!! They have cracked that shell and brought me out of it. Making me partake in their cyphers everytime we get together. Soon Ill be as smooth off the top as i am with the writtens then its over for everyone! Sharpening my skills is not something that other rappers really push you to do. Rap is very competitive and braggadocios so pushing someone to improve and possible be better than you is unheard of. The Trybe doesnt see it that way though, they want us all to grow together. With a shared love for hip hop and me and Snacks shared love for Anime we can talk for hours and hours before we realize we havent done any music lol. Everytime I hear a new Trybe song i feel my artistry being challenged. The message in their music makes me want to really focus on the concepts i present in my music and start challenging my self to pretty much step my game up. Between Skrilla, "A", and TrYbe, everything new I hear makes me question my latest bars which is exactly what I need. Hip Hop is my life and my love and above any amount of money i can potentially make off this art is the desire to be the best emcee to ever grab a mic and thats the same mindset i had when i originally picked up the pen and decided i would be a rapper. Before i saw 8 mile and realized that being a white rapper wasnt necessarily accepted, before all the laughs, all the hate and just general shade i received for my dreams. Being white in this game is a roadblock but for the first time these guys made me realize that i have overcame that hurdle 100 times over. I had a long talk with the Trybe last night and they gave me a boost of confidence that finally fully ignited that fire i had lit but tried to conceal. Im no longer worried about what is cool or what people want. I just want to create and you will more than likely like it because I do have skills that i myself had been sleeping on. I hear these artist like A, Skrilla, and Trybe and i felt underneath them but now i see my self as an equal. We all have different things we bring to the table that compliment each other and its time to put it all together and make it happen. Plus we all just fucking dope and there is no denying. This is my new goal. No more time wasted on what i "think" is the right move. Im going to follow what i KNOW to be the right path and follow my heart. Thats challenging myself with these artist and like minded individuals to always be better. Also as Snacks has said before "move at LIGHT SPEED" thats just what Ill do with my light brothers here. We like some damn warriors of this rap shit waging war against a evil corrupt entity but thats also for a whole separate entry lol But no war of this caliber is complete without a general so shoutout to SirDuke. Ive also recently became friends with this crazy dude and he has shown me in just the short time ive known him more love and support than some people ive known my whole life. He also inspires me because he has dedicated his life to serve and protect (literally) and most importantly LEAD. He has an army of pretty much every hood and every rapper in each of them just waiting for his call. and he is not leading them astray, Shoutout the Kollektiv. Duke is also a talented singer and emcee. He has a show with me tomorrow at the Hangover in Murray MAKE SURE YOU COME TO THAT AND SEE MY NEW ALBUM CONSCIOUS TRAP PERFORMED LIVE starting at 9pm. but yeah Duke is dope and I can appreciate his leadership skills and what he hopes to accomplish in his community by cleaning it up through music. He is rubbing off on my and motivating me to hold that same position with my Layer army of GYB homies ive assembled. Most of them are clueless about the industry and music so its up to me to guide and lead them so they can be their own selves and make it in this world without the middle man down your neck. Im going to wrap this up because it ended up being way longer than i intended but i wanted to also say to my fellow collaborators and friends above all. Wolf, Golden Wrist Banks, Trevell, Dope, Simple, Benji and Angel Mascato. You guys have MAD SKILLS. You guys inspire me too because I hear something different in your music than i hear from most. I want you all to continue to grow and expand your creativity to new levels. Tell YOUR story. The same story is constantly told but how will you tell YOURS in the true challenge. So i encourage you guys like i have been recently, step outside of the norm and do what you truly feel in your heart that you need to, fuck what everyone else wants from you just create the way you feel appropriate. A lot of you are working with Duke regularly and I think he will tell you the same thing I am now. Even if its certain people in your lives holding you back, they gotta go. Surround yourself with positive people that want to grow with you instead of out grow you and you will see the same results. Probably why you guys were all on my latest album, except Trevell im sorry and you should have been but you know the deal homie its all love. Frank.....dammit man just rap lol but anyways ill end it on this note. Getting in touch with that child like mind state and that pureness of love in my heart again. Losing all my intentions to want to be better and out do someone but rather COLLABORATE with like minds in my community has already in return pushed me forward in a lot of ways. Seems almost as if they had been waiting on me this whole time. Its certain that my actions are now speaking louder than my words and everyone is starting to catch on. including myself finally. If you read this far thank you and I love you. Youre more than likely part of the reason why i typed this or why i even continue to do what i do. I trust you guys just as much as you trust ill deliver. Have a great day, maybe you can draw inspiration from this or some of the same people or things that i do! So put down that magazine full of empty content and read something meaningful that you are interested in, turn off the news and watch some anime, stop playing shooter games and play final fantasy, stop eating out and prepare your own meals, dont listen to music just play instrumentals and freestlye every day or just make your own, quit scrolling on facebook and take a stroll around the block, only spend time with those that help you grow rather than keep you low. So much inspiration out there sometimes we just have to break away from what we are used to in order to pull from the experience. Now im really done. and excuse my poor grammer and probably a shit load of spelling errors. That wont ever change, these blog post are run on sentences of my thoughts that pass through my head every day. Sometimes i just take the time to jot them out as they pass. PEACE LOVE AND GYB!!

Post Show Shakes

Post show shakes.....and no not vegan ice cream milk shakes. Shakes as in being nervous. Takes me back to the feeling i had a few months ago leaving town and going up to Manhattan. I was so nervous, thoughts racing though my head of all sorts, positive and negative. At same of Queens, Newark and every city I visited. I was so nervous of what people would think or if they would immediately mark me off because I'm white. But one thing about HIP HOP that rappers now days stray away from is giving respect when its due. and I got my dap ten fold every time I left the stage. After that it was alright and I had a great time where ever I was. Funny though now Im back home, where Ive done plenty of shows and here I am still nervous. and wondering the same anyone going to come? will they like it? will i accidentally say the F word in that one song im trying to edit? I dont think that feeling ever goes away when youre a performer. Is it nervousness or just a build up of excitement making me shake lol. Seems to always disappear tho after i perform the first song. Luckily Im amongst good friends tonight on stage. and for some reason as i type this im saying it in my head with Snacks voice, like hes telling me to type this lmao. My show is at Katie Kafe in mayfield tonight from 9-11, it will be my first All Hip Hop show ive thrown in Mayfield....Fun fact ive only thrown 1 hip hop show before. All my other shows were with Bands. I love the bands I used to play with but it feels good to have booked a handful of ALL HIP HOP shows that im hosting. The progress is undeniable. Come hungry to the show and support the local Kafe btw. one of my main reasons I want to do this show. is to help local business out. Thats the GYB way. Last night I practiced with the Trybe for HOURSSSSS. it was dope, they are really bringing me out of my shell and becoming some of my best friends. Its nothing but love and encouragement when im around them. Snacks wil be selling his book tonight at the show and me ill be selling GYB t shirts. hope everyone comes ready to layer up!!! fr im ready to get this GYB Trybe shit tatted on my arms at this point. It doesnt stop with katies tho. I have a show at the civic center directly after for an event my homie SirDuke is working on. he has been a staple in the music scene here in paducah. without him there wouldnt be any paducah rappers for real lol. he the only one who is out here engineering for real fr. im proud of him and his hard work he is dedicating to the scene. So if you cant come to mayfield go there and enjoy golden wrist and many more great artist i support. WKY about to have a renaissance i swear lol. just wanted to vent out my afternoon shakes and i do feel better. hold up tho, you didnt think you were going to get off this GYBlog without hearing about some Anime tho did you??? I finished the first season of Berserk last night back from the 90s and im appalled, and a little disturbed by the ending. like wow, i didnt see that coming lol or maybe i was oblivious as to what was really going on. still some unanswered questions tho. i started the 2nd season.....which came out in 2016??? big gap there lol. the graphics are no comparison tho. shit is intense and a little scary now lol not sure how im going to feel when things get disturbing in this one. hold up tho. if i was in the 90s and i saw berserk. and saw the ended......i would be so upset lol. there is no relief or breath of fresh air for me to fall back on lol. damn they are savage for that series. anyways im about to eat some quinoa and watch another episode. then have a warm up run through of my show tonight!!! Peace homies i love you all. LAYERED GYB

Thoughts of a Raging Vegan Ice Cream-aholic

Hello world, as I sit here with another pint I decided to get my GYBlog on again. Why does Ice cream and blogging go so well together?? IDK, but Ive had a pretty good weekend I hope ll you guys did too. Today SirDuke Skywalker (the artist I featured on my Small Town track) took me and a handful of other artist in the paducah area out to eat at the Harris Metropolis Casino. We all had buffet and I mos def ate more than anyone at the table my dude. I fasted all day for that shit and it was definitely worth it. The dinner went well though, the Paducah art and music scene is going through a metamorphosis. Im finally starting to see the rap scene doing the same. I only separate the two because rap is always been a braggadocios game, compared to other art forms. Not always a bad thing but it can lead to jealousy and a bunch of people always trying to 1up each other rather than assist and win together. Just my opinion tho. Point being that today i sat with like 8 other rappers from paducah and we just had fun. Uno Vee shot a promo video for the showcase duke is hosting this Friday night at the Civic Center. and yes I do have a show this Friday already in Mayfield......Im doing yes come to both!!! there Hasnt been very many times ive just kicked it with some rap artist in my area and I hope it happens more often. Instead of all the hating and fighting BS....i dont fall into all that drama anyways tho. I hope the kentucky scene can start to flourish in the ways these bigger cities do. We may not have the opportunities around here as most big cities but we sure as hell have enough talented artist to make something happen. I cant wait to see it progress further. While im on the subject of coming together for support, id like to talk about my night last night. Devin Metzger is a homie of mine from Graves who has aways been involved with music. Last night he held a festival type ordeal that raised money for the Glover family who suffered a loss recently. My love goes out to them. Devin and all the crazy jam band fanatics he knows got together and played for like 13 hours straight it was crazy. I was honored to be invited as the only hip hop act. So 1 hour and 30 mins at least of that goes to me and GYB. Ive performed many of places for all sorts of crowds but never before in the woods hooked up to an extension cord. I was technically out of my element genre wise but ive never felt so in it lol. Can all my shows please be in the woods from now on? I felt the approval of the trees and stars, the animals of the forrest were fucking with me hard for real. Back to what I was saying tho.....I was a tad bit nervous of what all these other artist, parents, and random assortment of people who probably never listen to any rap would think of me but i quickly shook that off. THEY LOVED IT. I really effectively delivered the GYB message to some very appreciative people last night. Got hugs and all types of compliments. Just more assurance that my mission is much more important than making great music. The movement and message I put behind each thing i do continues me on the right path. I may have an army of live instrumentalist to play at my shows now lol anyways the show was dope so thank you Devin for that! The love i received was unreal, it really took me back to the road. Getting love from strangers out of town is such a great feeling. To recreate those same emotions back home were amazing. Because i honestly feel so over looked and under appreciated as an artist around here sometimes. maybe because I am a crazy white person with dreads and im pale as hell but i rap. once again IDK. Prolly just me being my own worst critic, thats slowly dissipating tho. I swear, this ice cream gets lower to the bottom of the pint and then I realized ive typed up a novel and I dont even know what the hell ive said or why lol but whatever. Im going to cut it now and go watch some dragon ball super until I pass out. I wont release any spoilers for those of you who havent gotten up to date with it but SHIT IS REAL RIGHT NOW!!! ive been going hard for days straight at this point. I have "work" tomorrow lol but next post ill discuss some other things I know people want to hear about. Like this competition in Louisville I won. FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON THE NEW EPISODE OF DIARY OF A VEGAN ICE CREAM AHOLIC!!!!!
oh also, I have a show @ Katies Kafe off of Cuba rd in . Mayfield this friday july 7th from 9-11. come eat with us at 7 tho. Ill be selling t shirts and snacks will be selling and signing books. right after the show im heading straight to paducah to participate in the showcase i mentioned above by SirDuke. Make sure and go out to both to support me and the local music scene in general. especially my paducah peeps that are going to be in attendance. anyways I  Love you all !!! Stay Layered !!!

Vegan Ice Cream Tour

As im sitting here eating vegan ice cream (Caramel almond brittle flavor) ive realized that i have been nothing short of slacktastic on my blogging game. I read my last post and WOW do i have a shit load to fill you guys in on. Ill probably make 2 blogs out of it just so i dont overwhelm you guys. Also because i sliced my index finger wide open while cutting cauliflower earlier. that finger is so important when typing smh. So whats new with the B you ask? Well im full of questions and mixed emotions about Attack on Titan Season 2 ending, I completed Fooly Cooly, Dragon Ball Super is so amazing, Ive almost beat Final Fantasy 6 for the first time, I started the Get Down Season 2 tonight and started watching Berserk......and YES ive been doing a lot more than watching shows and playing my PSVita lol. I just take full advantage of every moment of my day and a lot of times choose anime over actual human interaction lol but yeah im all Subs now, no english anime. Oh and i made the change from Vegetarian to Vegan, not as bad as i thought honestly. I actually love it. I been cooking up a storm straight chefing like the homie Jondhi, i also tried cheese-less pizza for the first time and as Snacks as my witness.....that shit was FLAME!!! Been reading a lot too, finished a few books also.... one on Taoism meditation, the star seed transmission and the 21 Lessons of Merlyn. Now Im reading Why Kids like to Stay up Late and How to Eat to Live. Enough about randomness I know you really want to hear about the music. Conscious Trap still has these streets a the stove right now as it boils my tea....Earl Grey to be exact. The buzz is slow cuz people sleep on me but none the less its spreading and they starting to realize that ya boy dont play!!!! That A&B coming too dont you even worry. So yeah I know that everyone wants to know how the Tour went with me and the was an experience to say the least lol. Tour life is no joke, the road is not for the weak hearted. If you dont like being every type of uncomfortable you can imagine than you just need to stay home lol. Emotions got brought out of me I didnt think were possible, i cried, smiled, screamed, laughed, and stressed myself to the max. I was also givin a huge confidence boost. Everyone I met that heard what I had to say, rocked with the movement so hard. It was invigorating for real. Im so used to my music and movement being over looked and referred to as "my little rap thing" that i forgot how ground breaking my little thing actually reality this is a HUGE thing that the world needs. If you listen to my lyrics and take the time to learn about GYB sub culture than you would understand too. I had to have that fire I once had relit. The tour ended unexpectedly because of this asshole Dan we took with us. He is the absolute worst person to be trapped on a van with. I thank him at the same time though because he bought the van we lived on, he booked some of the shows and he helped at first......but he is the type of person i refer to when I say not everyone is cut out for the road. I wont go into details because ive found my peace and ive moved on but we ended up coming straight home after the New Jersey show because of his suck assness. He took the van and my dreams of the road right out from under me. but that didnt stop us, we took the car to the next few shows. Me and the Gov are not discouraged so easily. Even tho underneath I wanted to cry like no tomorrow in fear of getting what i thought was my moment stripped away from me. I quickly snapped out of that. re grouped and had to remind myself that even though it felt as if everything was crashing down all around me and my opportunities were melting away before my eyes.....i had to remind myself that like this vegan ice cream i let melt in front of me just now.... that I can still pick the pieces up an they are still damn good! No matter the situation I know this is how its supposed to be and this is exactly where im supposed to be and i can still enjoy it regardless.....just like this tasty melted dessert besides ive Still been performing like crazy since I got home. Just using a car and only relying on homies i know and trust rather than these flakey fools like Dan. Geez im sorry Dan and anyone reading this Im just salty and this is the first time ive publicly voiced it lol anyways tho. Shout out the Mayor aka Wes Jones. He experienced this and still is experiencing this with me. He a Day 1 Lay 1 for real. There is a lot more that i need to touch on about the tour and whats happened since then but ill save it for another blog in a few days. This was actually fun and helped me get some things off of my chest. I feel good, as i learned in the TAO of Letting Go: Meditation for Modern Living. You must dissolve your problems thick as Ice, down to where the emotions flow like water and up into Gas, dissipating away......this was definitely me gassing out so thank you if you read this far. Ill continue to post and tell you more about whats been going on with me. I love you all, stay Layered and most importantly GYB!!!

Conscious Trap and Life

A couple things are different since my last post about LouiEvolve. 1) Conscious Trap has dropped and is now available! 2) I'm 25 now my GYB-day was yesterday and 3) Im going to NY and a lot of other different places in a week. It all just happened so fast I cant even contain my thoughts right now life is crazy. Oh and honorable mention I think im gonna try to learn Dungions and Dragons when I get back and have some down time. Yeah I like nerd things get over it, but back to Conscious Trap. That shit dropped and people are wylin off this tape, me Golden Wrist and Bonesaw put together a hell of a project for real make sure and check it out. Only complaint Ive heard was that it was to short lol. 8 songs of pure fire just wasnt enough but I feel you. No worries me and the wrist will work lots more in the future. Hard copies are coming soon they are literally in the mail on their way. The cd has definitly gained the attention of lots of people and gained fans for both of us, even got posted on Hip Hop Since 1987 and a couple other blogs! nice to finally get some press. Matter of fact Im appearing on what is my 2nd podcast tonight. Just to be a special guest and talk about music and all type of shit. Ill post the link for that when its released. Im about to retire the mobile studio game except for my close homies. Sorry if you didnt take advantage of that while it was available cuz its all about GYB now lol Next tuesday I leave for NY for a few shows and we have more dates on the way home. It may continue to grow, in fact I KNOW it will. me and the Gov went through hell creating a tour last year and it fell apart a few times the beginning of this year. and as usual right when Im at my lowest and ready to give up something snaps and its as if i take control of the world around me and it all falls right back into place. I now have a van im about to pretty much live in thanks to a new friend who was a game changer. Shoutout Dan the fuckin man. more on him another post he deserves his own lol. but he tied up the loose ends and now me and gov are out our slumps and back to EAT all we can! Ill touch more on this later cuz this post is primarily about Conscious Trap. All in all conscious trap was a confidence boost for me. Everyone loves it and i dont even know why i ever doubted myself. next is that A&B ep just wait!

live your day the GYB way, PEACE



The past 13 days I stayed in Louisville KY with my cousin, weird how it was 13 I just realized that. Anyways, I came up here to attend the LouiEvolve Hip Hop festival last weekend and it was a total success. Me, the Mayor and Tehuit made a ton of connections and passed the word of GYB and GWG to everyone we met. Some connections we made will definitely be for a life time, not just good business connects but genuine real people who like the same weird shit as me. Dope artist tho and I cant wait to work with all of them more and more as I branch into the Louisville scene. Actually already met up with one of the producers I met named Sarboza, dope ass dude and he happens to be sick with the production. We made a track from scratch right on the spot called Pseudo that will be out sometime soon. Great chemistry tho, he is apart of a collective called the Cave Cult. It would seem GYB and Cave Cult fit right in together. You will definitely be hearing more from me about them in the future. Crazy thing is one of their members Mmuso actually recognized me from posting online and a mutual friend shared it. He was real encouraging to me about fuckin with him and his homies, he also has bars. All in all LouiEvolve was great, they had all the elements of Hip Hop there. Ive never seen it with my own eyes, nor did I expect to see it in Louisville lol. They had B-Boys, Graffiti artist, Djs actually scratching and of course emcees. I spit in a cypher on Friday night on the main stage, got some props. Then Saturday I grabbed the mic again at the Breakdance competition, more props were given. Felt great to be in an environment made for hip hop culture, I felt at home really. Almost every artist I heard was on some conscious or real shit and that was really refreshing. I learned a lot from the experience and had fun staying with family but most importantly Im ready to apply what I learned this past week. I planned to work with tons of artist and do this and that but it unfortunately didn't work out that way, however I gained something equally important behind the curtains. I spent all week organizing and planning, and now Ill take all of this and my new connections and move forward. OH YEAH!! Conscious Trap also dropped everywhere, also why Im ready to get home. See what everyone thinks of the tape and possibly get some shows or plans in motion regarding that tape. Shoutout Bonesaw and Golden Wrist Banks for working with me on this project Ive gotten nothing but good feedback. First time I recorded mixed and mastered a project all by myself so Its my baby. Im satisfied with it, except I learned a valuable lesson with Mixing and Mastering songs to play on Apple services. They compress the shit again to format it to itunes and it made Conscious Trap into a bass monster. Playing it on Spotify and iTunes each delivers a different sound. Its not bad or to noticeable tho, just a side note for me next time I release something. Or anyone reading this, btw if youre reading this thanks you rock. I love everyone have a good day GYB!!!

- B

Mayan Cigars pt 2

Well Mayan Cigars has been out a little over a week now and every thing is phenomenal. There is a small mistake where the first and second song have the same skit at the end....that was a mistake on Edwin's end but nothing to throw a fit about, kinda funny. Like 21 Piolets said "never trust a song that's perfect" lol but I couldn't be more pleased with the out come it sounds fantastic! Everyone is loving it, Spotify has so many streams I almost think they're fake haha. Last night the layer gang threw me a surprise album release party and it was dope.  I really have some solid ass supportive friends. Me and my dog stogie also just moved into a new crib with the homies Larry, Nasty and the Mayor. I'm putting off unpacking but whatever I'm just happy. New album, new house, new opportunities. Next weekend I'm filming a video for my song layered it will be sick. The word about Mayan is spreading fast, cats from all around here hitting me up giving me good feedback. I'm about to get some Chinese food but yeah go listen and purchase my album on Amazon, iTunes, google play, the GYB store....a hard copy from Vape park whatever. Stream it on Spotify, soon Pandora, rhapsody. The options are endless lol feel free to give me feed back on it too. I love you all - B